Understanding Iconic Solos (Something By The Beatles)

Ayla Tesler-Mabe  /  LessonsOct 22, 2021

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So you know some scales and lead guitar techniques, but every time you try and come up with your own solos you’re left wondering why you don’t sound like one of the legends. Well, that’s because many of the most melodic lead lines are actually closely linked to the chords they’re played over.

George Harrison was a master of this very concept. And in this video lesson, Ayla breaks down his iconic solo from the song “Something” by The Beatles. It is truly a masterclass in understanding how to follow chord changes and create beautiful melodies on the guitar.

Unlike many modern popular songs, “Something” contains several non-diatonic chords (chords that don’t naturally exist within a key). Playing over chords like these can be particularly challenging because you’ll want to incorporate some notes from outside of the standard major, minor, or pentatonic scales to better fit them.

Throughout this video, you’ll learn about George’s thought process behind each line in the solo as the different chords pass by. But if you’re more interested in just learning how to play the solo, we’ve included the tabs for you to download here as well. 

There are endless lessons we can learn from our guitar heroes and this is just one of them! Try digging into some other great guitar solos you love and see if you can figure out what makes them so amazing.

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