The Guitareo Survival Guide
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Only $19

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Learning to play the guitar takes practice and patience.

But sometimes, you just want to show off a cool lick or get people singing along around the fire… without sitting down and learning an entire lesson.

That’s what makes The Guitareo Survival Guide such a handy tool.

This 37-page book gives you all the essential chords, strumming patterns, scales, and riffs to make your journey playing the guitar as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Set it up in your practice space, jam room, or toss it in your guitar case and take it wherever you go.

Want to play the riffs that sound just like Chuck Berry?

It’s got those.

Want to make your chords sound more like Jimi Hendrix?

You can.

The Guitareo Survival Guide is perfect for adding a little fun while navigating your way through the wild and rewarding world of learning how to play the guitar. Because that’s what it’s all about!

Technical Specs

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"
Pages: 37 pages total, includes fretboard diagram, chord reference chart, strumming pattern
Page Material: Pacesetter Silk
Binding: Black Wire