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More than online lessons, you'll always have access to real teachers to answer your biggest questions, keep you motivated, and make sure you reach your goals.
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Always Know What To Practice

Choose from any of our goal-based training programs -- and then experience consistent results with organized video lessons, the right exercises in the right order, and progress-tracking so you always know what’s next. Beginner program for faster results
1000+ lessons for every guitar goal
All skill levels, topics, and styles

Play Popular Songs, Faster

The whole point of learning is to PLAY the songs you love -- and we’ve got you covered with chord charts for 500 popular songs from all eras and styles + jam tracks that’ll put your new skills to the test. 5-day bootcamp to learn songs fast
Chord charts for 500 popular songs
Exclusive jam tracks for every genre

Real Teachers, Personal Support

This isn’t just a pre-recorded library of lessons -- we’ll keep you motivated towards your goals through weekly newsletters, live online community events, and real teachers to answer your questions. Live lessons & events every week
Video reviews & practice plans
Real teachers respond to your questions

Lessons when you want + help
whenever you need.

We believe every student needs a good teacher.

And no matter how flashy a video-game app might be, or how many pre-recorded video lessons somebody might have, it’s NOT your job as a student to figure things out for yourself.

Because you’ll have questions. And your questions might be similar to somebody else’s, but a good answer requires a personalized response.

Or you might fall out of your practice routine, or feel uninspired -- and a good teacher will send you cool new ideas or find ways to get you motivated. Sometimes that simply means saying “move on and revisit this later” when you’ve hit a rut, other times it might be sharing new ideas that get your wheels spinning.

At Guitareo, we believe in relationships before technology.

Yes, we’re online lessons. We use technology so you can access the right lessons on your own schedule and enjoy practice tools that fit your lifestyle. But you always come first. And that means you’ll also have access to a teacher who cares.

And that’s our promise to you.

When you join the Guitareo family, you’ll enjoy a guitar lessons experience that was professionally planned, created, and organized to help you play the songs you love. But beyond that, you’ll experience the personal guidance and community support you need to KEEP practicing and playing -- so you’ll gain momentum, overcome obstacles, and make this entire learning experience worthwhile.

You will reach your goals on the guitar.


Adventure-based guitar lessons with...

GuitarQuest is Rob Scallon’s beginner-based training program that’s designed to get you playing songs faster, hooked and returning to the guitar more often, and bringing your own musical projects to life with entertaining video missions and fluff-free exercises. It’s the beginning of your journey and the goal is simple -- get you HOOKED on the guitar and PLAYING the songs you love.

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