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Acoustic Guitar Made Easy was created to give you a crystal-clear pathway to reaching these
exact life-changing goals — and here’s how we’ll get there together in just 26 weeks...

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Learn With Songs
You Know & Love

Chords, strumming, technique, and scales are all wonderful things... but the real fun begins when you start playing songs that your family and friends recognize! You’ll see your newfound skills in action as you learn to play the iconic songs “Horse With No Name”, “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Let It Be”, “Jambalaya”, and “Take It Easy”.

Learn to play songs along with the high-quality backing tracks so that your playing can shine through and prepare you for playing along with the original track.


Always Know Exactly
What To Practice

Nate Savage is your personal guide as you learn to play songs on the guitar. Just like a private instructor, you’ll work closely with him and follow his proven process for getting started on the acoustic guitar the right way.

With weekly assignments tailored to your personal skill level, you’ll always know exactly what to practice, how long to practice for, and when to move on.


No Shortcuts, Cheats,
or Hacks

Unlike many other guitar programs that intentionally skip important steps to give you the illusion that you’re making progress, Acoustic Guitar Made Easy helps you build a complete guitar foundation free from any holes or gaps so you can go on to play ANY style of music.

Specifically designed for the acoustic guitar, this 26-week course will give you the skills and knowledge to pursue any genre of acoustic music.

Get Started On The Acoustic
Guitar The Right Way

Learn and master the five pillars of the acoustic guitar to build a
rock-solid foundation so you can play the songs you love.

Pillar 1

Pillar #1

Pillar 2

Pillar #2
Clean Chords

Pillar 3

Pillar #3
Changing Chords

Pillar 4

Pillar #4
Music Theory

Pillar 5

Pillar #5
Playing Songs

Your 26-Week Plan

Each week, you will have a new video lesson with detailed assignments so
you can test your skills and know exactly when you're ready to move on.

Weekly Lesson Plans

It’s easy to make progress when you know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Guided Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with Nate Savage’s easy-to-follow video lessons.

Musical Application

Have fun playing the guitar by applying everything you learn to real music.

More Effective Practice

Don’t waste your practice time. Only work on the right exercises, at the right time.

Play More Songs

You’ll gain the foundational skills you need to play your favorite songs.

Lifetime Access

Even though it’s a structured 26-week course, you’ll have access for life.

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The History Of
Nate Savage

& The Art Of Creating Better Guitar Lessons

Bold Nate Savage always knew he wanted to share his love for playing the guitar with others. After earning his Music Degree at San Jacinto College and playing hundreds of shows across Canada, the USA, and Europe — he wanted to find a better way to help guitarists around the world. So in 2009, he connected with Musora Media to start — a massive library of free online guitar lessons that has since helped more than 20 million guitar players.

“I loved playing shows and touring,” Nate said in 2009. “But my heart has always been set on guitar education. I truly believe that playing the guitar can be a life-changing experience, so having the opportunity to create online lessons and help students around the world felt like such a perfect opportunity.”

Nate’s most popular videos are built to give beginners an easier way to get started without the friction of private lessons. “8 Guitar Chords You Must Know” has reached more than 4 million views. “Play 10 Songs With 4 Chords”, “5 Essential Strumming Patterns”, and “How To Hold The Guitar” are just a few other examples of videos that have been seen more by more than a million students.

Through his online lessons, Nate has been able to reach more guitarists than he’d ever imagined and get feedback from tens of thousands of YouTube comments and personal emails — gaining a deeper understanding of where students were having issues, what obstacles were getting in the way, and what was creating the fastest breakthroughs for getting to that next level.

“A lot of new guitarists end up quitting because they’re missing one of the five major pillars of acoustic guitar: strumming, playing clean chords, changing chords smoothly, music theory, and playing songs,” says Nate. “When even just one of those pillars is missing, your guitar experience can be super frustrating and you’re left with no clear path forward.”

Acoustic Guitar Made Easy is Nate’s solution — giving students a simpler approach to accelerating their skills on the acoustic guitar through weekly lesson plans (where you’ll always know exactly what to do, and in exactly what order).


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"Nate is a natural
born teacher.

Harv Schelter

"When I first started playing the guitar, I had two 30 minute private lessons which got me nowhere for $60. Next, I went through two great books on my own which were good. I learned to read music, play some chords. But, I really didn't know what to do next.

After talking with Nate via email, I felt like I could complete Acoustic Guitar Made Easy. And learning to play rhythm to 5 songs would give me some needed direction to follow.

I'm very happy with what I've accomplished in Acoustic Guitar Made Easy. It gave me the direction I needed and Nate was great. Nate is the guitar instructor for me!"

Harv Schelter
- Colorado

James McDowell

"When I first started playing guitar, it was frustrating because of the lack of a path to follow. I felt like stopping altogether. It was when Nate broke down the song Brown Eyed Girl inside Acoustic Guitar Made Easy when I got it. I was finally able to get through the entire thing... quite a milestone for me!

If you’re considering Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, I would say go ahead and go for it. It opened up a lot of things for me. Nate breaks down the songs perfectly for you and he makes it easy for you to just get it."

James McDowell
- Washington

Don Mulnix

"I have never given up easily on anything. However, I was beginning to think that playing the guitar was out of my reach...

It was midway through the lessons in Acoustic Guitar Made Easy and the same sense of dedication and commitment Nate continued to communicate. I really believed he wouldn’t quit on me. And he ALWAYS responds to my comments.

I continue to practice 2 hours a day. I find the time with the guitar a stress release and I take great satisfaction in the little victories. Without question, Acoustic Guitar Made Easy is the best possible online resource for guitar instruction. So many other sites and instructors seem to want to show off instead of teach."

Don Mulnix
- South Carolina

Rob Mckay

"Before Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, I didn’t have a set lesson plan or guide. I was all over the place trying many different videos with no concentrated focus or practice regime.

Then came Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, and I finally found structure! I loved the lesson layout and the excellent structure of each individual lesson.

Now that I’ve completed Acoustic Guitar Made Easy I’m no Eric Clapton… But my initial goal was to become a “campfire” guitarists and I’m well on my way!

Acoustic Guitar Made Easy is great value for money. Excellent lesson structure via a step-by-step progression with in-depth video tutorial and practice guidelines within each lesson - Nate is very personable and easy to relate to as well."

Rob Mckay
- New Zealand

David Raynor

"As a beginner player, I was frustrated trying to make sense of all the "beginner" information that is out there and easily accessible. I was confused. And although I am generally a self-starter, working out where to begin is often the hardest part to getting started.

The big moment it all clicked for me was when I moved from basic technique to applying it to playing songs. I could actually play them with some confidence.

Even though I had some of the basic skills before I started on the course, going through the course really did help to hone in on them and improve them. I also feel a lot more confident in being able to apply what I learned to learning more songs on my own. Chords and guitar tab notation are no longer a mystery to me.

The course is a very good beginner's guitar course, it does what it says it says on the packaging. It takes you from not knowing anything to being able to play songs and gives you the foundation to be able to continue your guitar learning with confidence. But there is one catch, you really do need to do the work; there is no free ride to gaining skills."

David Raynor
- New Zealand

Norma McIntosh

"Before Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, I felt like I couldn’t learn guitar. But the thing that truly made a difference was Nate. He made me feel like I can learn the guitar, and if I need help all I have to do is watch the videos from Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, and he will be there to help me again.

Now that I’m done AGME, life looks good. I have realized a life-long dream and now at the young age of eighty, I can play the guitar.

To anyone considering Acoustic Guitar Made Easy… The money saved and the support you will get is so much better than taking private lessons."

Norma McIntosh
- Georgia

Personalized Guidance help you achieve your
guitar goals for 2024


Private Lessons
Weekly Guitar Lesson
Learn From Home, Anytime
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26-Week Course
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Designed To Get Easier
Organized To Save Time
Unlimited Access For Life
Your Total Investment $7.58/week $30-50/week

Normally, Nate Savage charges $50 for a 30-minute private lesson and is extremely selective on which students he’ll teach. With Acoustic Guitar Made Easy, Nate is your personal guitar coach for 26 weeks, giving you a new exclusive video lesson each week and a clear path to improve your skills — all for just $7.58 per week.

The entire Acoustic Guitar Made Easy course is yours for life with no recurring subscription or additional fees.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

We love our students. More than anything, we want you to enjoy a super-positive experience playing guitar. And that means we only want you to pay if you actually LOVE your Guitareo experience! So join below to try it out totally risk-free. If it’s not for you, simply contact us within 90 days to request a full refund.

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