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The Moveable Midwest Chord Shape

Guitar chords don’t have to be complex to sound nice. Sometimes all it takes to create a beautiful song is using the same chord shape but with slight variations.

A great example of this is the moveable midwest chord, as Rob Scallon calls it, that he talks about in his latest video.

This unofficially named chord shape can make endless chords just by moving the shape up or down the fretboard and adding small nuances. It’s unknown exactly how many chords are made from this one shape (Rob and his team lost count), but we’ll just say a lot.

In this lesson, Rob goes into details of the chord shape, the notes within them, and the variations he likes to make to the shape to create beautiful music -- including different techniques like harmonics, tapping, and muting.

The moveable midwest chord has great potential to come up with new chord progressions and melodies in the music you create -- endless ideas with endless guitar chords.