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10 Fancy Guitar Chords For Beginners

In this beginner guitar lesson, we'll take a look at some fancy chords that you can play to add some emotion to your guitar playing. Since we're covering a lot of chords, try working on one or two at a time and incorporating them into your everyday playing.

The chords covered in this lesson are the D Major 7 chord, D6 chord, C Major 7 chord, F Major 7 chord, A7 chord, A13 chord, E Add 9 power chord, C/G major chord, D9 sus 4 chord, and two versions of the E Add 9 open chord.

Each one of these chords has a different flavor, and you won’t be able to use all of them for every style of music. Listen to each one and decide which chords you want to add to your repertoire. As you begin to understand how these chords are actually built, you can build your own versions of these chords and use them in any key.