The Guitarist's Survival Kit

Get the gear essentials to start
sounding better on the guitar.

Whether you’re playing guitar casually at home, a jam session, or show – you’ll come prepared with the Guitarist’s Survival Kit to help you sound (and look) better.

This seven-piece gear kit helps you achieve four main goals:

1. Stay perfectly in tune:
  • Keep your guitar playing tight in a jam session or studio recording with perfectly tuned strings. Clip on a 360-degree wireless tuner on your guitar headstock for easy tuning.
2. Get crisp, clean notes:
  • Maintain your tone and crisp notes on the guitar with a new set of electric and acoustic strings. You’ll also get a handy string winder to help you with the process.
3. Pick on great licks:
  • Don’t know what to play? Flip through the Guitareo Survival Guide and master any of the essential chords, scales, and licks. This guide fits nicely into your guitar case – and you can carry it with you to any campfire or jam session – along with your pack of guitar picks to play with.
4. Freshen up your look:
  • Keep your guitar looking good as new – and slow your guitar’s aging and smell. Wipe off any sweat, oil, dirt sitting underneath your strings with a polishing cloth. (And buff that headstock as much as you’d like.)
Instructional videos on using this kit:

What's included in your kit

  • 1 Nexxus 360 Rechargeable Tuner
  • 1 Regular Light-Gauge Electric Strings
  • 1 Light-Gauge Acoustic Strings
  • 1 String Pro-Winder
  • 1 Guitareo Survival Guide Book
  • 1 Pack of 10 Assorted Picks
  • 1 Microfibre Polishing Cloth

Technical Specs

Size: 11” x 9” x 2”