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Rhythm is an essential part of playing guitar. Without it, songs can sound flat and dull to yourself and listeners. Anyone can lose interest in basic strums without a sense of groove or feel.

It’s also one of the most challenging skills for guitarists to learn. That’s why we created an easy-to-follow course you can complete in under two hours – to get you excited and confident in playing rhythm on the guitar.

Stop playing guitar
like a robot.

Leave awkward strumming behind. Watch these four demonstrations to see how you’ll take one chord progression and express it musically in many different ways.

Jim and Jack
Playing Triplets
Sultans of Swing
Creating Space

Make your chords
come alive.

Get in the groove to elevate your guitar playing. You’ll go from learning the most basic strum patterns to exciting rhythmic techniques you can throw into any song or practice session.


Intro - The Importance of Rhythm
Meet Sami Ghawi, Ayla’s guitar teacher!

The Essentials of Rhythm
Feel the groove. Learn how to connect with the rhythm using your ears and hands.

It All Starts With Counting
Stay on the beat. Learn how to improve your timing and tempo using your voice, hands, and the guitar.

Make Your Strum Patterns FEEL Good!
Strum with accents and fun patterns. Hear the most typical rhythms for genres (including rock, country, reggae, etc.)

Sultans of Swing Fill
Learn to play this fun and exciting skip fill. Spice up your music and practice sessions by using more rhythmic fills.

Playing Triplets
Use triplets to change the dynamics of a song. Play this popular rhythm in All My Loving by The Beatles.

Change Up the Feel To Create Interest
Keep your audience engaged. Use rhythmic techniques such as palm mutes, accents, crescendos, etc.

Putting It All Together – Creating Space
Space is required! Create space in your guitar playing to let listeners breathe.

Bonus Q&A
View exclusive content with Sami Ghawi that answers questions from real students.

Each lesson is designed to build on the previous one, so you’ll be reinforcing what you’ve already learned while developing new skills. It WILL take practice — but it won’t take months. Most students can expect to complete these lessons in less than two weeks (including practice time.)

Rhythm Simplified

Rhythm guitar shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we created this course that provides the resources and content you need to start grooving on the guitar.

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For best results, you should know your basic chords.

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Spend more time playing, not watching. Each lesson is between 6 to 13 minutes long.

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You'll have short assignments to improve your strumming patterns and techniques.

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You'll have instant + lifetime access – to enjoy the lessons on your schedule.

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Guitar Teacher,
Producer, Songwriter

Who is Sami Ghawi?

Sami has been a professional musician, producer & educator for over 20 years, having played thousands of live shows and helped hundreds of aspiring artists build their artistry. He is the director of an artist development company, FUSIONpresents, and has dedicated his life to "helping artists do what they love."

Having lived all over the world, hailing from many different cultures and speaking multiple languages, Sami's mission is to help the world communicate through the most beautiful & universal language that exists, music.
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Our promise to you:

It’s important to us that you have an AWESOME time learning guitar. That’s why you have a 90-day risk-free guarantee. If this course doesn’t fulfill its promises to you, you’ll be eligible for a full refund by contacting our Student Experience Team here.


Feel more confident holding
a rhythm on the guitar


Gain new rhythmic techniques
to spice up your playing


Have more FUN
playing the guitar

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Get grooving on guitar with fun rhythms you can add to any song.

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