Save 25% on Chords & Scales Poster

Save 25% on
Chords & Scales Poster

*NEW* Guitareo Chords & Scales Poster
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Feel at ease playing your chords and scales.

This Guitareo Chords & Scales Poster is a quick reference guide to help you play all the right notes on the guitar.

When you need an instant refresher on a chord in a song or want to improvise with your own solo or chord progression, this poster has you covered. Just hang this poster in the room you play guitar to find the chord or scale you’re looking for right away.

You’ll also have BONUS step-by-step video lessons on each chord and scale.

All you have to do is open up the camera app on your phone or tablet – and scan the QR code on the poster to see how each scale and chord is played. For your free video resources, you can also visit

Technical Specs

Size: 24" x 36"