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Add essential rhythm techniques and strumming patterns to your playing by simply practicing for 10 minutes a day.
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This course is designed for:

Beginner Guitarists

If you're new to the guitar and know a handful of chords, your strumming is limited to 1 pattern or aimless strumming. This course will take you to the next level to start strumming with intention, understand the basics of rhythm, and follow along with your favorite songs.

Intermediate Guitarists

You’ve been playing for a while but found yourself in a rut. You resort to the same handful of strumming patterns and don’t know where to go. This course will force you to revisit the foundations, fill the knowledge gaps that you possess, and expand your repertoire.

Brand New Guitarists

Maybe you haven’t learned a single thing on the guitar yet. This course might push you, but if you’re up for the challenge, follow along, take your time, and you will kick start your guitar journey with a boost!

Strumming can make or
break your playing.

30 Days To Better Strumming is the perfect course for beginner & intermediate guitarists who have ever felt stuck in their rhythm playing. Get step-by-step guidance to break through barriers and learn techniques that will stick with you for years.

In just 30 days you’ll be able to:

Lock into the groove of any song so you can effortlessly play along with your favorite tracks and nail every beat and rhythm.
Play iconic strum patterns and bring classic strumming patterns to life with your personal touch.
Add variations and techniques to keep your strumming engaging so that playing the guitar always feels fresh, exciting, and captivating.
Build a powerful rhythm part that you can use to enhance your songwriting immediately, all while showcasing your unique musical style.
Develop a foundational skill that will last you a lifetime and immediately level you up as a guitar player.

Strumming progression made simple.

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20 guided play-along lessons
Lifetime access to the course
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meet your teacher

Kent Shores

Kent holds a degree from the University of North Texas in Jazz Studies - Guitar Performance with a Minor in Music Theory. He has performed across Canada, the United States, and India with various bands. As an educator, Kent has over ten years of experience teaching lessons ranging from complete beginners to more advanced players.

His teaching philosophy is about bringing out the best in his students and fostering a love of music. He strives to make sure that music lessons are fun. He enjoys sharing music with his students and celebrating their achievements.

Trusted by guitarists everywhere.

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Rated 4.8/5 based on 7,074 student reviews. See the reviews »

  • Ërlik Sörensen

    I’m lightyears ahead of where I was at. And no matter where I go, I’ll always have one of my guitars in the passenger seat. The life long journey has begun!

    Ërlik Sörensen


  • Athina Katri

    I feel happy and more confident while playing. I played my first song with mini barre chords and actually enjoyed it. I’ve never done that before!

    Athina Katri


  • Vetriselvi Senguttuvan

    I’m already playing things that were a nightmare to me before. Strumming patterns, smoothly changing chords, and improvisation of different scales. The frustration is over.

    Vetriselvi Senguttuvan


  • WJ Williams

    Things that I’ve struggled with for years have been explained in ways that make sense – and the Guitareo instructors have helped me become more comfortable.

    WJ Williams

    Georgia, USA

  • Jamie K

    The goal-based learning makes each set of lessons more entertaining and a feeling of accomplishment when completed. I had a feeling of joy that I’ve never had before when playing guitar.

    Jamie K


  • Jim McKenna

    I like the sincerity, knowledge, and positivity. They got me started on my journey and gave me confidence. Now I’m excited to practice and I can actually say “I’m a guitarist!”

    Jim McKenna

    Illinois, USA








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Online lessons can be intimidating. Maybe you’re wondering if they work, or if you’ll use them enough – or if you’ll even enjoy the experience. So we’re removing the risk with our 90-day guarantee. More than anything, we want to make sure you have a POSITIVE experience developing new skills and gaining confidence on the guitar.

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20 Guided Play-Along Lessons


Know exactly
what to practice

Gone are the days of aimless practice. It's simple: Watch Kent and practice along for 10 minutes 5 days a week, for 30 days.

Fits any schedule.

It’s not easy trying to cram your guitar practice between work, school, and family. That’s why we use a proven learning structure that only requires 10 minutes daily to improve your strumming technique drastically.

Learn by playing.

We learn best through hands-on exercises that build confidence and skill, mastering chords and strumming patterns through actual songs.

Lifetime access
to the course.

You can access ALL lessons from 30 Days To Better Strumming for life. That means you can repeatedly return to your favorite lessons and work at your own pace.

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