Top 3 Guitar Videos of 2020

Guitareo  /  Videos UPDATED Aug 26, 2021

Every year, we are lucky to have more and more new guitar videos posted online. Ranging from guitar lessons to gear guides to guitar collections – we love them all!

We compiled a list of our three personal favorite guitar videos from 2020 for your enjoyment.

#1 – I Bought All the Gear I Used as a Kid – Music is Win

Heads up: you may experience a bit of nostalgia with this one. Tyler from Music Is Win searches the internet for the same equipment he used in his youth to test it out and see if it holds up as well as he remembers. The gear includes an old nylon string guitar, a Line 6 Spider II Amp, a Line 6 Pod, a Korg AX100G, and a Boss Dynamic Wah pedal. Watching it may spark memories of old pedals and amps you used in the past.

#2 – My Instrument Collection – Rob Scallon

It’s always intriguing to have an inside look into a guitarist’s collection. We get that from Rob Scallon here as he goes through his ENTIRE instrument collection. In half an hour, you’ll see every instrument Rob owns, including guitars that have been sent to him, his signature models, his purple instruments, and all the ones he forgot he even owned! The best part is, he explains the story behind each instrument and which particular video he’s featured them in.

#3 – 25 Pop Songs from the 2010s with Cool Guitar – Brandon D’Eon Music

When hearing pop songs on the radio, our first thought usually isn’t “this has such a great guitar riff,” but this video will change your mind. Brandon D’Eon plays the hit pop songs from the last decade but pared-down to only the guitar playing the main melody. You’re bound to recognize many, if not all, of these riffs and realize how cool the guitar is in each of them. Considering they’re not the hardest songs to play either, you’ll be inspired to try them out for yourself.

Of course, there are SO many more great videos that didn’t make our list, and maybe videos we haven’t even come across yet. However, we hope our top three choices entertain you and hold you over until we receive even more guitar videos in the new year.

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