Slap Guitar 101

Rob Scallon  /  Videos UPDATED Aug 26, 2021

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Have you ever wanted to play your guitar just like a bass or drums — or both at the same time? Well, maybe not, but after watching Rob Scallon’s “Slap Guitar 101” video, you’ll want to.

Welcome to this crash course into slap guitar, where Rob Scallon shares everything he knows about the topic — from the technique of smacking your thumb against the strings to using your left hand to mute the strings you don’t want to hear and play the notes you do. He also goes through playing percussive dead notes, octaves, and different slapping and strumming techniques. At the very end, he combines everything he taught for one final performance.

The music never stops throughout the video as Rob explains what he’s doing while he’s doing it — almost like listening to very informative lyrics to a song. You may find yourself watching it a few times because you’ll be too in awe of how he can teach and play two instruments all at once.

Even if you’re unable to replicate what Rob did right away, it’s a ton of fun trying, or at least just watching.

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