Rock Like Keith Richards With These 2 Chords

Kent Shores  /  Lessons / Sep 10


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Meet Kent Shores, Guitareo’s newest instructor!

In this video, Kent breaks down some chords that will allow you to rock like never before and with ease.

With only 2 chords, you can write hundreds of riffs and chord progressions. Because the two chords discussed in this video are movable shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Not only will Kent show you exactly how to play the 2 chords, but he’ll outline a few options for you to practice, along with some real-world examples of this concept being used in popular music.

From Keith Richards, Queen, KISS, Free, and so many others, these 2 chords can be heard everywhere in rock music.

So if you want to rock like Keith Richards (and all the other artists we mentioned), all you need to know are these 2 chords and a little help from Kent.

About Kent Shores:

Kent holds a degree from the University of North Texas in Jazz Studies, Guitar Performance with a Minor in Music Theory and has performed across Canada, the United States, and India with various bands.

As an educator, Kent has over 10 years of experience teaching a diverse range of players, from complete beginners to the more advanced.

His teaching philosophy is all about bringing out the best in his students and fostering a love of music. He strives to make sure that music lessons are fun and enjoyable. He finds great joy in sharing music with his students and celebrating their achievements.

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