“Oye Como Va” Santana Guitar Cover

Ayla Tesler-Mabe  /  Videos UPDATED Aug 26, 2021

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Oye Como Va is an incredible song that consists of instrumental builds, syncopated guitar rhythms, and a very catchy groove. The song was originally written by Tito Puente in 1962 and later Santana’s rendition became popular in the ’70s. 

Santana’s arrangement of the song is a new style of Latin Rock that they’re known for. By adding electric guitar, a full drum kit, an organ, and removing the brass section found in Tito’s original recording, Santana creates a unique version of a very cool song. The guitar licks are rooted in blues-rock but still remain true to the song’s original arrangement. 

And in this video, we have Ayla Tesler-Mabe sharing her guitar cover of this groovy song. She plays the lead guitar melody along with the backing track in this incredible performance. Ayla never fails to add emotion and expression into every note she plays and this performance is no exception.

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