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There are as many riffs in the world as there are people — and in this lesson, we’re going to show you how to make your own catchy riffs that stick in your head with FOUR simple tricks:

  1. Make The Hook Singable: Break down your favourite hooks and melodies from the past — then try creating some of your own. If you’ve played your riff to family or friends, could they sing it back to you?
  2. Make It Repetitive: The driving force and backbone of “catchy”. Suitably give it to them and take it away.
  3. Add Depth By Following Chord Changes: Add some color and keep that motif going!
  4. Add Embellishments: Decorate the moment in time and make your riffs memorable.

Watch the full video to go through the process of creating some of the easiest guitar riffs, but our ultimate goal is to make sure you understand how these riffs are constructed and that you can create them for yourself.

Lesson Resources:
PDF ► http://guitareo.s3.amazonaws.com/guitar-lessons/catchy-riffs.pdf
MP3 ► http://guitareo.s3.amazonaws.com/guitar-lessons/catchyriffs.mp3

Ayla has been making waves in the world of guitar playing as a professional guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, since the early age of 14. After only been playing for two years, her first YouTube video (a rendition of John Mayall’s “Hideaway”) put her on the map and kickstarted her music career. She has since been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, become a member of both the Ernie Ball and Fender family of artists, and earned various Berklee College of Music scholarships. Musically, Ayla finds great pleasure in exploring the numerous avenues available to her through various styles of music, as seen through her work with Calpurnia and Ludic.

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