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7 Ways to Make Boring Guitar Scales Sound Exotic

Chord Charts PDF

We get it...scales can get boring, and the same minor pentatonic scale gets overused. But guess what? You can make a simple minor pentatonic scale sound exotic simply by adding different notes.

There are SEVEN different scales that all build off of the A minor scale, and Ayla goes through all of them:

  1. A Blues Scale
  2. A Dorian Scale
  3. A Romanian/Ukrainian Minor Scale
  4. A Natural Harmonic Scale
  5. A Hungarian Scale
  6. A Hirajõshi Scale
  7. A Raga Asavari Scale

These scales are worth checking out in more depth -- so download the scales chart under the video and find ways to incorporate them into your playing. They bring in many colors to an otherwise mundane scale and bring a variety of musical cultures together.