Get In the Mind of a Shredder Guitarist (Solo Breakdown)

Dean Lamb  /  Lessons / May 20

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Dean Lamb returns to break down his high-octane solo from “Drain of Incarnation” by Archspire. This solo is particularly technical so there are a lot of different techniques you’ll need to familiarize yourself with to pull it off. These include pinch harmonics, hybrid picking, economy picking, and pickup switching. On top of those metal guitar techniques, you’ll also need to be able to play fairly fast.

Death metal is primarily centered around the harmonic minor scale and its corresponding modes, so that’s what you’ll be using here. You’ll swap between the different picking styles as you work your way through each section of the solo and also switch between your bridge and neck pickups. Doing this adds an extra layer of dynamics to your playing that kind of mimics a human voice! 

Be sure to download the tabs before you get going on this solo. And if you want to check out Dean Lamb’s full guitar course on shredding and playing faster, grab your 7-day free trial to the Guitareo members’ area!

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