What’s The Best Beginner Guitar?

Music Is Win  /  Videos UPDATED Aug 26, 2021

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What’s a good beginner guitar? I wouldn’t know, because they don’t exist. However, the best guitar for you as a beginner does exist. This will make sense in a second, I promise.

There’s an endless amount of resources claiming the best “beginner” guitar brands and price, but it’s inaccurate. Instead of targeting a guitar solely based on a cheap price tag and low-end brand, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How’s the price?
  2. How does it play?
  3. How does it look?

It’s common to think that if you’ve never played guitar before, you should start with a cheap guitar. Not true! Being new to the guitar should be the best reason to spend a little more on a quality guitar. This doesn’t mean you need to break the bank or that it’s impossible to find a quality guitar for less than $200. But I’d recommend saving just a little extra cash to get a guitar with a mid-range price because the difference between a $150 guitar and a $350 is HUGE!

Next to look out for is how the guitar plays. Are your hands comfortable on the guitar’s neck when making chords and sliding? Is it tough to press down the strings with your fingers? Is the guitar a good size and doesn’t feel awkward to hold? When you strum, do you like the way it sounds? As a beginner, you want the playing experience to be as simple as possible so you’re not deterred from practicing and playing.

Finally, make sure the guitar you pick out is pretty. And yes, beauty is completely subjective and everyone has a different idea of what a pretty guitar is or not. But that’s what makes this step so important! Find a guitar that you’re attracted to looks-wise. Look for the color, shape, size, and if you feel cool playing it. Not only do you want to enjoy playing your guitar, but you want to enjoy looking at it too!

This video from Music Is Win dives deeper into the myth that is “beginner guitars” and finding your first guitar perfect for you.

I hope this equips you with the tools you need when searching for your first guitar. You should have a long and happy relationship with your guitar. And when you keep the three questions in mind, you will!

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