Top 5 Myths About Learning Guitar

Nate Savage  /  Videos / Apr 12

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There are TONS of myths about learning the guitar out there. And it’s so easy to let one of them convince you that you won’t find success on the guitar. In this video, we’ll be tearing down the most common myths so you can start making some real progress in your guitar playing.

Myth #1: Hand Size

This might be the most common myth I hear. And I’ll tell you right now… Your hands are not too big or too small to play the guitar. Guitars are designed for people of all hand-sizes. Everyone has trouble making chords at first, so it’s perfectly normal for it to be a challenge.

Myth #2: I Need To Have Natural Talent

Having natural talent is obviously a great asset. But many of us aren’t that lucky. Thankfully, learning the guitar is something anyone can do regardless of talent. It will come easier for some than others. But as long as you put in the work, you can reach your goals on the guitar.

Myth #3: I Have To Be A Rockstar

Many people are deterred from ever picking up a guitar in the first place because they feel as if they need to have aspirations of being a rockstar to be a guitarist. This simply isn’t the case. Whether you want to play in a band, around the campfire, or even just at home, guitar is for everyone!

Myth #4: Should’ve Started Younger

It’s a common misconception that starting to learn the guitar later in life isn’t possible. Yes, you may experience some more challenges than someone younger. But if you’re willing to devote some intentional time to it you’ll be playing your favorite songs in no time!

Myth #5: I Have To Know Every Chord & Scale

Learning the guitar is quite literally an endless journey. And many new players are intimidated with the sheer amount of information that’s out there. The reality is that you only need to learn a few chords to start playing. Set small, achievable goals and it won’t be long before you’re finding some real success on the guitar.

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