How to Play 4 Essential Chords – Guitar Chord Workout for Beginners

Ayla Tesler-Mabe  /  Lessons / Sep 28

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Here we are at the final part of Ayla’s beginner guitar workout series. In this practice-along, you’ll combine everything you’ve worked on so far to play an entire chord progression utilizing four different chords. The guitar chords you’ll be playing are G major, E minor, C major, and D major. If you need to work on any of these chord transitions specifically, you can find those exercises here:

Part 1 – How to Play G and Em
Part 2 – How to Play Em and C
Part 3 – How to Play C and D
Part 4 – How to Play D and G

Since this is the grand finale, we’ll be shaking up the format a little bit. Each section will be a little longer, and you’ll start cycling through the chords right from the start. In the beginning, you’ll stay on each chord for two bars (or eight beats). By the end of the workout, you’ll be strumming on every beat and changing chords every four beats. 

  1. Strum each chord and hold for 2 Bars (8 beats)
  2. Strum each chord and hold for 1 Bar (4 Beats)
  3. Strum every 2 Beats and change chords every 4 Beats
  4. Take a short break and stretch out your fingers
  5. Strum every Beat and change chords every 4 Beats
  6. Workout complete!

Congratulations! You’ve completed part five of the beginner guitar chord workout series. Changing chords like this is no easy task, and you should feel very proud of yourself. If you enjoyed Ayla’s workout series, then you’ll love our interactive learning tools inside the Guitareo members’ area. Sign up for your 7-day free trial here: guitareo.com/trial

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