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Do You Need To Learn Sheet Music?

In this episode of Guitareo POV, we’re going to talk about another controversial topic: sheet music. Learning to read sheet music is something a lot of guitar players avoid altogether. And the reason is that sheet music is much more challenging on the guitar than other instruments. That’s because there are many places to play the same note on the fretboard.

So, is it worth it? Or are you better off avoiding it and focusing on other aspects of guitar? Well, there’s no right answer. If you plan on playing in a band and focusing on original music, you can probably get away with not learning it. Learning to play by ear will be a more useful skill to develop.

If you plan on getting into doing sessions where you sit in with different musicians all the time and need to learn a song quickly, you will likely be best off knowing how to read sheet music. And while it takes some time to develop, having the skill will be immensely helpful in the long run.

So in the end, you have to think hard about what your goals are as a guitarist. You won’t necessarily be hurting yourself, in the long run, either way, it’s just going to come down to the overall direction you want to go on your guitar journey.