5 Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners (With Chord Charts)

Jeff Turner  /  Lessons / Jul 24

Whether it’s a lifelong journey, reconnecting with or starting a hobby, people everywhere are beginning to fall in love (or more in love) with the six-string shooter. With the landscape of learning constantly evolving and the rise of YouTubers, TikTokers, Insta artists, etc., sometimes finding a simple “how to play (song)” isn’t as… well… simple as it sounds; especially if you’re just starting.

So, we wanted to give you 5 easy songs EVERYONE can learn on the guitar, AND each song comes with a FREE PDF download that you can keep forever.

The coolest part is, these songs are classic, guaranteed toe-tappers that are great to play at parties, backyard fires, at your band’s next jam, or added to your setlist for your next gig.

NOTE: You’ll have to know some basic chords before you begin, but again, this is for beginners. No need to worry about what an F#m9+11 is.

“American Girl” – Tom Petty
Download the Chord Chart Here (PDF)

“Bad Moon Rising” – CCR
Download the Chord Chart Here (PDF)

“Hotel California” – The Eagles
Download the Chord Chart Here (PDF)

“Like a Stone” – Audioslave
Download the Chord Chart Here (PDF)

“Little Lies” Fleetwood Mac
Download the Chord Chart Here (PDF)

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