When you’re learning how to strum the guitar, you’ll find that you run into a wall pretty quickly after getting the initial technique down. In this lesson, we’ll show you how you can get out of that rut and learn more interesting strumming patterns. The things covered in this lesson will also help you to figure out the strumming patterns of your favorite songs as well.

We’ll start off by going over some basic technique tips to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the most success. Once we’ve mastered the basics, we’ll move onto using one of the most important techniques you’ll ever learn: The Constant Strumming Technique.

You’ll use this technique to explore some 8th and 16th note strumming patterns. As you work through these strumming patterns, make sure you employ the technique tips you learned earlier. With some time and practice, you’ll find your strumming sounds a whole lot more interesting and hopefully, it pulls you out of that rut!