There are quite literally thousands of possible strumming patterns on the guitar. But all of them have a bunch of things in common. In this lesson, we’ll be taking a look at one important strumming pattern that incorporates all the essential strumming techniques.

While there are plenty of other important strumming patterns out there, this one can be used in a ton of different musical applications. We’ll start by breaking down each individual technique used in this strumming pattern before working on combining them.

As you work through this strumming pattern, be sure to take your time with each step. Don’t worry too much about jumping right to the full pattern at full speed. Work on adding each part and practice it until you’re comfortable before moving on.

Add this new strumming pattern to your arsenal and try it out with a few chord progressions. All of these smaller techniques can also be used in any other strumming pattern. When you’re ready, try coming up with your own interesting strumming patterns!